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Who we are

Interdisciplinary, Passionate, and Attuned

The Environmental Science in Society's research team is made up of an array of scholars with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Our training spans the natural sciences (forestry, invasive species, fisheries, climate change mitigation, and adaptation) as well as the social sciences (political science, geography, Indigenous and settler studies). These different backgrounds bring unique insight and analysis to the contemporary problems of environmental governance.


Regardless of the particular lens through which we approach our research, all of us have a passionate commitment to better understanding the complex and dynamic relationships between science and society in order to address our most pressing environmental issues.


Click on the meshwork members below to learn more about our particular research interests, publications, and how to stay connected. 

Former Lab Members

Doctoral students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Valerie Berseth, Post-Doctoral Fellow 2021-2023. Perceptions of risk related to genomic science applications. 

Brian Pentz, PhD Environmental Sciences 2022. On the role of resource epistemology and epistemic tensions as explainers of fisheries management outcomes.

Jennifer Taylor, PhD Geography 2022. Wind energy, environmental governance,  knowledge politics.

Masters students

Christine Song, M.Env.Sc. 2020. Indigenous engagement and participation in fisheries research

Clarissa Costa, M.Env.Sc. 2020. Covid19 science-media-policy

Kerronia Thomas, M.Env.Sc. 2020. Covid19 science-media-policy

Sandip Cruz, M.Env.Sc. 2020. Covid19 science-media-policy

Andrew Morgan, M.A. Geography 2017. The everyday evaluations of public participation by urban planners

Andrea Reyes Chejin, M.Env.Sc 2017. Ecuador’s tuna fisheries in a changing climate

Rashique Khandker, M.Env.Sc. 2016. Analysis of residential building code enforcement policies in Canada

Dragos Flueraru, M.Env.Sc. 2015. An experimentalist approach to climate change adaptation in New Brunswick

Surbhji Jain, M.Env.Sc. 2014. Governance networks in Rouge National Park


Undergraduate students

Graham Horrocks, B.Sc. 2019

Geniffer Emmanuelm B.A. 2019

Kiana Bonnick, B.Sc. 2018

Teresa Gomes, B.A. 2017

Kerry Thompson, B.A. 2015

Alexandra Mirella B.A. 2015

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